Benefits of Boreholes


The national water act allows a person to take water for reasonable domestic use directly from any water resource to which he or she has lawful access. No license or registration is required for this. It also allows a person to take water for small gardening (not for commercial purposes), and the watering of animals.

Huge Cost Savings!

Borehole water is free of charge and this means you will only pay for electricity while your pump is running. You will cut your water bill by at least 80%.

Perfect Pressure

A Borehole can achieve the water pressure required for its purpose often more reliable than sites that utilise mains water.

Drought Protection

Borehole water supplies are sustainable in even drought conditions. Water bearing rocks (Aquifers) provide a large water resource that protects you against municipal water restrictions enforced during droughts like South Africa is currently experiencing.

Avoid Price Increases

With a borehole water system you are independent from the mains water supply, thus not affected by future increases in the water price.

Improved Water Quality

Water derived from a borehole, is often of a high quality. Unlike mains water, chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride are not added, increasing its purity.

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